ChicagoVPS Linux VPS Review

ChicagoVPS is a Budget Linux VPS service provider with a good array of budget VPS packages as well as dedicated servers. ChicagoVPS has recently announced that they have acquired UniqueGeeks, previously one of the prominent competitors also offering budget linux vps services. Now with both merged into one, ChicagoVPS will serve more customers across the industry. Their packages are great for small and large businesses who needs both speed and flexible hosting platforms.

ChicagoVPS Offers the following services:

  • OpenVZ VPS Plans (Standard SSD Cached and Pure SSD)
  • KVM VPS Plans
  • Dedicated Servers

See ChicagoVPS Budget VPS and Dedicated Server Plans Here.

Their Budget OpenVZ VPS offers goes as cheap as $1 per month, which is cheaper then the average shared hosting service. OpenVZ VPS servers are ideal for running websites and web applications.

Their servers runs on high end Dual Quad Core XEON processors with equal shared CPU, this enables your VPS to maintain speed and stability without being compromised by other VPS servers that are heavy on their resources.

Most of the time provisioning  of your server is instant when you order, but there are times when the provisioning does not happen. If your server is not provisioned, contacting their support and they will fix it very quickly. So far I have very minimal problems hosting my servers with them and I highly recommend their service.

Why Use ChicagoVPS?

Speed! You pay for what you use. All their plans are low cost as compared with other hosting services such as shared hosting. You do not need to share resources and IPs with spammy websites or a hacker infested network. When you use a VPS, you can customize your own security with both free or premium solutions. If you need good IO for your data, you can also try out their SSD packages.

ChicagoVPS also covers their clients with 99.9% uptime coverage. This ensures your service won’t go down unnecessarily.

They also have wide datacenter coverage over these popular locations:

  • Chicago
  • Buffalo
  • Piscataway
  • Los Angelos
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta

All Dedicated Servers are hosted on our enterprise class Cisco powered network. Our dedicated servers are built using quality SuperMicro components, an industry leader in high end computing. We do not over-subscribe any aspect of our core routing infrastructure and therefore all devices are able to push their uplinks to capacity at all times.

You Have a Wide Variety Of Control Panel Choices:

  • DirectAdmin (Paid)
  • Kloxo Official or KloxoMr (Free)
  • OpenPanel (Free)
  • ZPanel (Free)
  • CPanel (Paid)
  • Webuzo (Free & Paid)
  • Ajenti (Free)

My personal favorites are DirectAdmin, KloxoMr and Webuzo because they are flexible and robust. If you are a starter to hosting with VPS these Control Panels are easy to install and customize.

Downsides and What I don’t like:

ChicagoVPS do not offer XEN vps so if you need fully dedicated resources, I suggest getting a dedicated server, however it will bring up your server hosting cost but it will be well worth it.

Overall Experience:

I have tested their service for several months and no major issue accept for the system provisioning of the vps encounter some minor issue. After I contacted the support, the issues are resolved quickly and I’ve not had any problems up to this date of writing this review.

For More Offers Visit ChicagoVPS Official Website Here.